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Customize Your Music Radio

Everyone is turning to the internet for sources of entertainment, especially when it comes to streaming music radio. Internet radio has the capability to bring music to you no matter where you are. With the help of Live365™ internet radio, NYCSouthBronxRadioClassics.com reaches millions of people worldwide from their base in Bronx, New York.

Good for Work and Events

Instead of turning that radio dial; tune in to our station using  your phone or computer. Our playlist includes a large variety of genres, making us your number one choice for work or large events. Thanks to our station, it is easy to find something everyone loves to listen to. We offer a multitude of songs and constantly upload more in order to keep your atmosphere fresh and upbeat. We play a variety of genres, including:

House | Disco | Jazz | R&B | Rap | Freestyle | Reggae | Classical | Rock

Rock Concert

Take a Trip Back in Time

Our station's main goal is to keep a variety of recognizable songs on our playlist for your enjoyment. There is nothing better than when your old favorites come on the radio. Our minds revert back to the days when we used to dance and sing along. When the beat hits our ears, the words flow right back to us like it was yesterday.

Become a VIP Member

Our radio station provides your musical entertainment at no cost; however, we all hate it when a commercial breaks our vibe. If you wish to enjoy our music without ads or commercials, we offer a VIP membership for $5.95 per month or a $59.88 per year.